Venture Networkers Turns 5!!!


Venture Networkers Recruiting at Red Wing Chamber Expo 2021


Started in 2017, Venture Networkers

celebrated their 5th Birthday

by co-hosting the Red Wing Chambers

AM Expresso.  This event was held

at the Elk's Club and allowed

Venture Networkers an opportunity to 

introduce their group and their objectives.

Contact Venture Networkers

Phone: 651-385-7777


Venture Networkers is a group of business professionals who work together

to support one another’s business pursuits. To that end, we meet weekly

(Tuesday mornings from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.) to stay connected,

educate one another about our businesses, and share referrals and marketing ideas.

We welcome new members who want to use referrals to build their business. 

Our regular meeting place is the Red Wing Ignite Building located at 419 Bush Street;

however, we sometimes meet outdoors, at member businesses, and also via Zoom. 
Please contact us if you would like to attend one of our meetings!

Venture Networkers is Relationship Building

Venture Networkers is a Red Wing-based group of business professionals launched

in June, 2016.  We seek to learn about one another's businesses so we can provide

outstanding referrals to each other.  We believe that relationship building

Know Me, Like Me, Trust Me
is at the core of networking.

Learn about us in this short video; "Venture Networkers Today"

Our Tuesday Morning Meetings

Venture Networker's weekly meetings start at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday with fifteen minutes of open networking.

We start our meetings with an opening quote and then one member provides education on a topic

of their choice.  Next each member speaks for one minute giving their commercial/star moment.

These commercials help other members learn about each business to be able to provide more business and referrals.  Then, for a few minutes we discuss our schedule, reports, and awards.  Next we have a ten minute speaker which is typically a Venture Networker member presenting facets of their business or industry products and services.  We finish our meetings with each member having the opportunity to provide referrals or testimonials they have for other members.  The meeting usually adjourns around 9:00 a.m.

Our primary goal at Venture Networkers is to support each other's business. 

To facilitate this we track our progress with weekly meetings attendance, face-to-face meetings, inviting guests, passing referrals, and most importantly tracking how many dollars of business has been passed.

During 2020, even with the pandemic, we’ve had a strong year with great zoom and in-person attendance plus over #171 Face to Face meetings and $50,000+ passed as a result of referrals from past and present Venture Networkers members.