Meet Venture Networkers member Renee Garrick

Ever since I was a preschooler watching Momma write her grocery list, I’ve loved the whole idea of writing. I imitated her cursive, writing loops and curlicues over and over and over . . . and soon, I fell in love with books. I’ll always remember my eighth-grade grammar workbook; in that book, I discovered a love of grammar.

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For me, grammar was a game—it still is. (Call me a grammarian, a logophile, a bibliophile . . . it all fits.) During my first semester in college, with the encouragement of my parents, I declared an accounting major—but that was before I took English 110. The grade on my first essay was A/F, which meant my margins were perfect, and so were my spelling, capitalization, and punctuation; but I didn’t have a clue about how to weave my ideas into a neat, impactful whole. With an excellent instructor, I learned how to write a really good essay that semester—and I promptly made a trip to the registrar’s office to change my major. After teaching English and speech more than 20 years, I’ve provided writing, editing, and proofreading services for another 10—and three books I’ve edited have won awards. All this has prepared me for another adventure: Personal History. My passion for preserving family stories, combined with a broad skill base made it a natural next step. (By the way, I still write my grocery list on a piece of paper, just like Momma did.)

Whether you’re writing a social media post, a form letter, or a book, I can help. Interested? Contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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